Retribution (2014)

RETRIBUTION is a short film by Chris Conley based on the Star Wars series. RETRIBUTION follows the action surrounding the the University of Georgia when outcast villain Khari Vion (Chris Conley) returns to takeover the town. While Commander Zarra (Leia Boone) fends off the invading enemy, Master Kroi (Jeremy Miller) and apprentice Killian (David Gridley) must battle the dark lord Khari Vion.

My role on the film was diverse, ranging from camera operator to editor, visual effects artist, sound designer and more. In total my work on the short took about five months and presented unique challenges to my skill set. Browse below to learn about what went into the post production of the short film RETRIBUTION!


Visual Effects

RETRIBUTION is a visual effects heavy movie. From light sabers to blasters and force effects, over 70% of the video required some sort of modification. These tasks were accomplished using an array of tools from Adobe After Effects to Autodesk 3Ds Max. Check out a demonstration of what went into creating those effects!

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Sound Design

The sounds of RETRIBUTION are just as important as its visuals. The sound design had to pay tribute to the sounds of Star Wars, while bringing a fresh, clean sound to a low/no budget production. Through the use of Adobe Audition the city of Athens, Georgia was transformed into a world populated by Jedis, storm troopers, and other intergalactic characters. Check out a demonstration of how that sonic atmosphere was created!

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Color Grading

One of the biggest challenges we faced on RETRIBUTION was creating a cinematic look on a no-budget film. By color grading the short in Adobe After Effects, I could give the movie a wide dynamic range. Manipulating the colors allowed director Chris Conley more control over the emotional reaction of the audience to a certain scene. See the difference color grading gave the final picture in the demo video below!