My name is Grayson Holt. I'm an animator and motion graphics designer - but like many creatives I wear a lot of different hats. I've had experience with photography, creative design, editing, sound design, and more!

I was born in Marin County, California where I spent many hours recreating scenes from The Fugitive with Thomas the Tank Engine toys. Through my many obsessions as a child one thing was constant - my desire to film them! This passion for filmmaking led me to make countless movies with friends - many of which required visual effects. So with the help of Andrew Kramer I began developing my skillset as a motion designer 10 years ago and have been growing ever since.

 Photo by Jordan St. Martin Reyes

Photo by Jordan St. Martin Reyes

I'm based in Altanta, Georgia. Earned a bachelors of Computer Science at the University of Georgia (go dawgs). I find at times motion design is as much Javascript as it is artistic design.

So that's me! It's great to meet you and I hope our paths cross soon.