Grayson Holt

Creative Reel 2018


Behind the computer

Geeky, I get it. But here's what I spend most of my time doing behind the computer. Animation, Visual Effects, Title Design, Sound Design, and lots and lots of rendering.

Desk Images-2.jpg

Behind the lens

Thank god my mother let me steal her old Nikon D90 so often because otherwise I'm not sure I would have caught the shutter bug so hard. I love being behind both the motion and still camera.

Macro Lens-1.jpg

What I'm Playing

Christmas Time is Here - Vince Guaraldi

Christmas season is a favorite of mine and I'm a sap for simple three piece jazz. This whole album plays on loop for me once December hits. But in anticipation of the season I'm trying to learn a few tunes from it. This is the first one I picked and has that lovely warm, cozy, blanket over your shoulders, fire in the chimney, and snow out the window feel. Despite being associated with the sad moments of Arrested Development, I find myself always smiling when hearing it.

Paris 2017 Round 2-24.jpg