Grayson Holt
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Spotify: THEY

Spotify: THEY

ROLE: Concept, Design, & Animation


CLIENT: Spotify

You know what they say, keep in simple stupid. Simple Mobile teamed up with Spotify and the R&B duo THEY to remind everyone to keep it simple.

To start, I was given a VO track set to music and some stop-motion style references. From there I went to work generating three treatments for the piece. I chose my favorite and created a set of boards (some of those below)

Original Boards

Revised Boards

After a few rounds of exchanging comments, we landed on this set of boards to animate from. We would eventually make some small color changes down the line, but for the most part we stayed true to the boards.

Spotify THEY Treatment B Storyboard Collage resized.jpg

Paper Textures

I found making the paper cut-out aesthetic feel authentic relied on giving every element a hand crafted feel. To do this, I started with basic shapes - circles and squares. Then I moved anchor points around until the shape was fairly irregular. Finally I would attempt to move the points back to form the perfect shape, but inevitably the imperfections would find their way in.