Grayson Holt
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Eddy Motorworks

Eddy Motorworks


Out of Atlanta, GA, Eddy Motorworks replaces gasoline engines with fully electric drivetrains. They approached me with the challenge of crafting a piece that explains not only what they do, but why they do it. Human caused climate change is one of the biggest problems we face today so  I was immediately on board with the project.

We began with a discovery call to identify all of the major points they wanted to touch on. Using that, I could begin crafting the script. It was also around this time that I began searching for music. When I can, I like to find a track well before putting down any keyframes and use it as inspiration.

For this project I wanted to bring together a modern aesthetic with a light, playful energy. It begins in a mysterious, dark world to set the stage. Then with our challenge established, the main logo ushers in a new bright playing field where we can learn about their solution.

Technically this project brought a lot of fun challenges for me. Incorporating the 3D car that drives overhead with the 2D landscape around it was a style I had never tried before. Using tools like Particular I tried to give the piece a sense of 3D space, without using more traditional depth cues. One technique I finessed is that of layering on multiple levels of detail over a long period of time. The initial cut of the project came together relatively quickly, but then I took my time layering on detail that deliberately brought the overall quality of the piece up toward my goal.